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Title: PowerPack for Carers served by Hampshire County Council and Southampton City Council
Commissioned by: - Hampshire County Council for Carers within the councils boundaries

- Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust for Carers in Southampton
Content: This PowerPack has a host of interactive content about topics such as:

- Mental Health Conditions and Recovery
- The Law and Mental Health
- Managing Risk
- Financial Benefits and Allowances
- Carers Rights and Responsibilities
- Videos of Carers personal experiences
Scope: This PowerPack is specifically designed as a free information resource for Carers of loved ones in Hampshire, including Southampton. It isn’t intended for any other purpose or outside of this area as there are significant differences in the support available across the country and is copyrighted accordingly.

However we are very happy to develop a resource to suit any other needs you may have. Please feel free to contact us via www.raise.org.uk
Technical: PC's, Mac's and Laptops -
This PowerPack has been specifically designed to work on all modern PC's, Mac's and Laptops. If there is a problem please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Tablets (e.g. iPad) and Smart Phones (e.g. iPhone) -
We hope to make the PowerPack available for tablets and smart phones soon but unfortunately there are no dates set at the moment. We would very much like to hear from anyone who would like to/could only access the PowerPack by tablet or smartphone. Please feel free to contact us via www.raise.org.uk 
Further information: If you have any questions about this PowerPack please:

- see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

- or contact Raise - www.raise.org.uk  

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